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Are you planning to get enrolled for CBT training? Not sure which one of our CBT test centres to choose? Then it is vital for you to know about the essentials of CBT licence as well as the different aspects of the certification process. Starting from the extremely basics, we will go through the major aspects of CBT training so that you are fully knowledgeable about it before you step into CBT test. Compulsory Basic Training or otherwise called CBT test is basically the primary vehicular training program in the United Kingdom. CBT test and certificate is compulsory for individuals who wish to ride a motorcycle, moped or other such vehicles by being unaccompanied, on the road.

CBT test legislation was first introduced in Great Britain on December 1, 1990 with an objective of reducing road accidents, where the major causes of accidents were deemed to be the inexperience of the drivers. After CBT Training and passing the CBT test certification with one of our CBT test centres, an individual of 16 years of age can ride a moped of up to 50 cc with a provisional driving licence. He can as well ride a motorbike of up to 125 cc on getting a full provisional licence on completing the age of 17 years. However, an exemption to this law is that if a complete car licence was obtained on or before February 1, 2001, it is not necessary for you to take the CBT test to ride a moped.

An overview of CBT Test

Most importantly, you should know that moped and motorcycle riders in UK must take the CBT test before riding them on the road with a proper CBT licence. There are several CBT test centres all over UK and you certainly are in the right place to find a centre that is nearest to you and book CBT licence. On passing the CBT training test, a CBT certificate will be given to you, which you have to keep. The validity of the certification is for 2 years and you have to pass full motorbike test within 2 years to upgrade the certification or if it is expired, you will have to take the basic CBT test again with another 2 years of validity for your CBT Licence.

CBT test and CBT licence are designed in such a way so as to ensure that the trainees are acquiring essential theoretical as well as practical knowledge about motorcycling and also acquire the attitude and sense to ensure safe riding on the road. Towards the end of the CBT training, one becomes knowledgeable enough to receive a CBT licence. Only the authorised motorcycle instructors who are certified by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) of UK can handle the CBT training and issues CBT licences. A point to be noted is that the CBT licence is delivered only through Approved Training Body (ATB) and there are several approved training centres all over the country. There is no set duration for the CBT training program, which depends on your learning potential, ability, skill, and aptitude. On completion of training, you must be confident and fully prepared to pass the CBT test on the road.

The CBT Training Curriculum

There are different modules in the CBT training, and they are split into 5 basic elements, which must be completed in a sequence before passing your CBT Licence. Different CBT test centres follow different modes in teaching, but the basics of any CBT training and CBT courses will be the 5 modules as described below.

  • Module I.
    Introduction to riding a motorcycle.
    The basics.
    Passing an eyesight test.
  • Module II.
    Practical training on-site.
    Introduction to motorcycle, starting and stopping, its controls, and safety measures.
  • Module III
    Practical on-site scooter riding.
    Developing basic scooter riding skills, gears and breaks and other basic components.
  • Module IV
    Practical on-road training
    On-road induction and preparation including observation, anticipation and proper positioning.
  • Module V
    Practical on-road riding
    Minimum 2 hours on-road riding accompanied by a certified instruction.
    Real-time experience gaining to cope up with different road and traffic conditions.
    Gaining practical knowledge about safety precautions.
    Extended sessions based on each individualís pace of learning are also available.

Once you successfully pass all these 5 elements, you can receive a DL196 or what is literally called CBT certificate, which is your licence to ride. If you reached 16 year of age, this will entitle you to ride a moped of 50 cc and on reaching the age of 17 years, with CBT licence and certification, you will be eligible to solo ride motorcycle of up to 125 cc (power output of 11kW or less). However, you should remember that you have to display L-plates on the front and rear of your vehicle to show that you are a learner. Also, on just completing CBT training, you are not supposed to ride a vehicle with a pillion passenger. You have to pass both the theory and practical tests (which could be booked through our CBT test centres) within 2 years of receiving DL196 CBT licence to get a full motorcycle licence or else the validity will expire.

Additional things to be noted about CBT Courses

  • You can download the official DSA guide for learning how to ride with all details about CBT licence and guidelines free of cost form the Internet.
  • If you already passed your car-driving test before February 1, 2001, there is no need for CBT Training to ride a moped or motorcycle.
  • If you have already a CBT licence and then passed your car test, you can ride a moped without L-plates even without passing the full motorcycle licence and test.
  • The CBT licence certificate is a legal document to prove your rights as a rider. You may be asked to produce it to the police when needed. So keep it safe and handy.
  • If the certificate is damaged or lost, you can apply for a replacement from the approved training body. You may have to pay a fee of about £20 for this.

Now as you have got enough knowledge about the essentials of CBT training and CBT licence, you can confidently go ahead with booking and enrolling yourself at any of the nearest CBT test centres to become a successful bike rider. Happy riding!

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      All CBT centres are Approved Training Bodies (ATB).

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      No additional booking fee, just pay for your one-day course.

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