Scooter CBT - Considering to purchase a 125cc scooter for the very first time?

Scooter CBT and Scooter Training are a couple of things for you to think about before getting to the task.

Getting on the road

A scooter is a great starter bike to get you on the road, there are so many types to choose from, try and buy a well branded scooter, as the quality will be far more superior than bikes that are bought from the Far East, these are normally inferior copies of the top brand names in the motorcycle industry. Buying a branded scooter will also get you a dealership warranty. With Far East bikes there is little or no warranty at all and getting spare parts for them is a nightmare. Registration can be also be another nightmare by having the trouble to fill in forms to get it registered and you might have to have a safety inspection to make sure it is safe enough to ride on British roads.

Purchasing a 125 cc scooter is a good way to get you on the road very quickly. However, it may be worth looking to see if you can afford to fund it outright, as you may end-up paying almost double what the bike is worth. Make certain you research the deal properly before you sign up to it.

Theft has always been something to think about when running a scooter. Be sure that you have a safe secure place to store your scooter at night. If it is left outside be sure to buy a real quality chain and lock that cannot be broken.

Scooter Training

REMEMBER: When riding with a provisional license you cannot ride anything over a 125cc.

Scooter CBT

Scooter CBT is something you will have to complete. This test will give you the right to ride your bike and will last for 24 months while displaying an L plates throughout the whole of this period. The government back in the 90s decided to educate riders and minimise dangers on our roads by introducing Scooter Training or otherwise known as CBT (Compulsory Basic Training).

Scooter Traning isn't a test, and there's no exam - it is a one day event, that you are required to perform satisfactorily, and all CBT Centres will try their hardest to get you through it first-time. It is a very informal day, you will use their bikes to perform the training and take the test. Normally 2 riders go out on the road at one time, you will both be monitored by sight from the instructor, and you will also have a two-way radio communication system to communicate with the instructor. Sometimes he will follow behind you, other times he will change positions with you and the other rider on the course.

There are 3 kinds of scooter licenses

Group G - Moped.

Sub-Category A1 - Light bike licence, limits candidates to any scooter up to 125cc and a power output of 11kW.

Group A - Standard Motorcycle License.

Happy and safe riding!
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