The New 2013 EU Riding Rules for Riding a Moped

EU New 2013 EU Riding Rules

New driving licensing rules in EU came into effect on January 19th, 2013 for all riders of motorcycles, tricycles and mopeds. This new rules have been introduced on the back of EU legislation redefine the classes of motorcycle, whereas also changing the types of vehicle contained in those classes. The EU-wide rules aim to improve motorcycle safety by ensuring that motorcyclists gain access to more powerful-motorcycles by means of experience or age.

Under the new rules, there will be 4 categories for motorcycles, mopeds and tricycles.

Motorcycle Licence Categories

Category AM - Covers mopeds with maximum speeds of 28mph and 16 years old minimum
Category A1> - For scooters up to 125cc and 17 years old minimum
Category A2 - For bikes up to 395cc and 19 years old minimum
Category A - Motorcycle above 395cc (unrestricted size).

If you already passed and hold a moped licence, you won't lose it. You will continue to be allowed to ride a moped with a maximum speed up to 50 kilometres per hour and a 50cc engine size.

There are many areas in the new EU regulations. Riders should be over 19 and have passed a CBT training for the related class of test (A1, A2 and A), pass the motorcycle theory and practical tests on a motorbike with an engine size of 395cc. After two years experience on a medium size bike at minimum of age of 21 years old, they can take their test on a motorbike bigger than that.

Direct Access technique, learners have to be over 24 and hold a CBT certificate, pass both the motorcycle theory and practical tests on a motorbike with a 595cc engine size minimum and a power of 53bhp.

For riders who had already earned their full motorbike licence before 19th January, there wont be any change to them under the new EU rules. For riders who passed a practical category A motorcycle test before this date on the other hand, will not be able to ride a motorbike that exceeds 25kW till two years after the pass date.

The minimum motorcycle requirements to achieve the following licence categories are:

Class A1: Motorbike has to be no less than 120cc and not more than 125cc, power not to exceed 14bhp, Capable of at the very least 90km/h or 55mph.
Category A2: A motorbike that should be at the least 395cc 33bhp the power to weight ratio not to exceed 0.2kW/kg.
Class A: A motorbike that should be at the least 595cc or 53.6bhp.

The new driving licence will not mean much of a change for most UK licence holders since UK has already adopted many of the rules before. The change is only that 16 year olds can now drive quadracycles.

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