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Things to Know About 50 cc Mopeds

Have you just passed your CBT training test or you fond of driving a two-wheeler and prefer to explore the roads on your bike rather than in a car? Then it is essential for you to know about the option of mopeds also, which are deemed to be a very safe and handy option in two-wheelers for anyone to enjoy. Mopeds are basically low-powered motorcycles, which usually have an engine capacity of 50 cc or less. In UK, subjected to specific qualifying conditions, mopeds can be driven even by the youngsters who are 16 and too young to start driving a car or a full-powered motorbike.

However, not just for the youngsters, but 50cc mopeds are ideal and a comfortable option for anyone to ride in cities and towns or for taking an evening ride to a friend's house. Mopeds are basically scooters, which has only got a limited speed to around 30 miles per hour or so, but makes it ideal for the learners to ride safely. Riding on a moped is the best option for the newbies who are just learning to ride and later on when one becomes more confident and eligible, he or she can upgrade to a 125 cc scooter or motorbikes with higher torque, by receiving a full driving license.

If you would like to start your riding endeavour with a 50cc moped, here in this article, you will get a comprehensive idea about this vehicle and how to handle it properly.

The basics about 50cc mopeds

In United Kingdom, a moped is being defined as a small motorcycle that has got an engine displacement of no more than 50cc. The maximum speed of a moped is deemed to be about 50 kilometres per hour, which in other terms is 30 mph. They are small-sized and rather weightless than the powered motorcycles, and also very slim in design which makes it easy to be handled by anyone. On planning to purchase a moped, there are different varieties available in the market from several automobile manufacturers such as Honda and Peugeot mopeds. Usually the price range of mopeds can be anywhere from £600 to £2,000 on road, based on the models and features in each.

Piaggio, Vespa, and Lambretta are some of the famous moped manufacturers for the UK market. There are many other motorcycle brands also from Japan, China, and different far eastern countries making mopeds, which are cheaper than the premium brands, but has almost all the features like their premium counterparts in both style and comfort. Choices are there in plenty for the consumers to choose from.

Motor vehicle regulations related to riding a moped

In UK, anyone who reached a minimum age of 16 and has got a provisional driving license can ride a 50cc moped. However, it is essential to complete the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) to start riding a moped. While you ride a moped with a provisional license, it is mandatory to display L-plates on the front and rear of the moped. In Wales, it is D-plates instead of "L". The learner's plates can be removed on passing the driving test and achieving the full driving license. The 50cc mopeds are basically designed to carry two passengers, rider and a pillion. However, riders without a full license cannot carry a pillion passenger on a moped unless it is a qualified trainer who is assisting in the training. It is a must to wear the helmet on riding a two-wheeler and remember if you carry a pillion passenger on getting full driving license, it is necessary for the pillion passenger to wear a helmet too. It is also advisable to wear protective clothing while riding a moped and to make sure that your arms and legs are well covered and protected from injuries in case of having an accident.

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The need of insurance for 50cc mopeds

In UK, it is essential for anyone to have a third-party insurance for all types of vehicles, and the same is applicable in the case of mopeds too. A basic third-party insurance covers any sort of damage done to anyone else or anything else in case of an accident. Another type of insurance is the "third- party fire and theft insurance", which covers the vehicle insured if it is damaged by fire or being stolen. On the other hand, the "comprehensive" insurance package covers all the damages to your moped for whatever reasons. There are many options available in the mopeds and two-wheeler insurance packages and there are plenty of service providers also in UK offering insurance policies to the vehicle owners. You can choose your best option by exploring the offers from different providers, considering your needs and budget.

While discussing about the theft insurance of mopeds, the most frequently asked question is whether a moped is easy to be stolen. Mopeds of course need a key to get started, but it is essential to install some other sort of additional locking system too, as we usually do in motorbikes and scooters. It is worth spending a little more money to get a good security device, which is not easy to be cracked. In many cases, the insurance companies will also be asking you to maintain a certain level of security to offer the coverage.

Buying tips for 50cc mopeds

When you get your moped licence and search to buy a bike, you may be seeing 50cc mopeds as well as 49cc mopeds while searching for the varieties. Actually, there is not much difference between these two models. In some countries, according to the licensing regulations, the specific need will be for mopeds below 50cc. Just to be compliant with this rule, manufacturers make the models with 49cc engines, and there is no real change in its design and other specifications from the 50cc mopeds.

You can buy a moped both online as well as directly from the motorcycle dealers of different manufacturers from the shop. The important tip in this case is that if you are purchasing a brand new one, there is no problem in buying online from a reliable brand by making sure that you are doing the booking through their official website. Most of the times with online purchases, you can also get hold of the best deals and offers directly from the companies. However, if you are buying a used vehicle, then it will not be a good idea to buy your moped through online purchase. On buying a second-hand moped, you should always see and inspect the vehicle in person. Also it will be better if you can get the vehicle checked by an expert technician to do the proper valuation. A good moped can be your best companion on roads. Of late the 50cc mopeds are highly in demand.

Happy riding!
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