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Mopedslicence.com was founded in 2013, with a simple aim to make Compulsory Basic Training accessible for all moped and motorcycle enthusiasts.

In the UK, it is required by law to complete CBT in order to drive on public roads. It is essential - and our latest, easy-to-use website will guide you through the process of finding a training centre, booking a CBT course and learning more about riding a motorbike.

Our straightforward search tool will find your local training centres within seconds - no pre-registration required. We are the first and only business to offer a CBT search engine, free and open to the public. With this tool, you can narrow your search and pick an exact date that you would like to attend a course. Booking a CBT course in the UK has never been so simple - it's as easy as 1-2-3.

Our website also introduces you to the basics of the vehicle; law aspects and personal gain is covered also - it's the perfect guide for any beginner. Mopedslicence.com leads you through the whole licensing process - from law to training to driving. Learn how to begin with a moped, scooter or motorbike with ease - it takes merely seconds to find the right information on our detailed website.

We have 6 promises that we stand by. All courses are free to book and can be cancelled for free within the 7 days before the event. You will get your CBT certificate on day one and we don't include any surprise tests - so there is no need to revise. Finally, all training courses are delivered by verified and certified training bodies.

Every element of obtaining a license is covered, including provisional licenses and more. We even show you parking and food nearby so that you can plan your journey and day to suit your schedule.

Mopedslicence.com is the best way to book and plan a CBT course with little effort. Our aim is to provide you with the fastest route to being roadworthy on a scooter, motorbike or moped.

Book and plan your CBT course - with Mopedslicence.com.

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