2012 Honda EV-Neo Moped Review

With advancement in technology, motorcycle companies all over the world have been researching to make electric motorbike models. In 1194, Honda manufactured its first model of such kind. Over the years, different tests and studies have been carried out to make these motorcycles Eco-friendly as well as efficient. Honda EV-Neo is one such model released in 2012 and is packed with various crowd-pleasing specifications.


Although essentially falling in the category of mopeds, EV-Neo comes with an electric engine of 2.7 kW and 5000 RPM and is powered with Lithium-ion batteries. The batteries are designed as such that it fits perfectly under the seat, facilitating its rider with maximum space. The battery only takes 30 minutes to charge with rapid chargers however; normally it takes three and a half hours to reach its full charge. Such features make it popular amongst the people looking for competency.

The moped comes with telescopic front suspension and unit swim arm rear suspension along with front and rear drum brakes. The front tyre's dimension measures 90/90-12 while the rear tyre's dimensions are 100/80-12.

The EV-Neo weighs around 240 pounds resulting in increased accelerations and a top-speed of 34 km/h (22 mph) on a flat ground. That's not all, even carrying goods up to 30 kg this moped can ride up to a hill at maximum of a 12 degree angle without any problems. The adjustable seat comes with a height of almost 30 inches, which makes it a perfect choice for customers with all heights and sizes. The 120 mm of ground distance makes the bike more secure around sharp turns and gives its user a smooth ride.

The moped comes in three different colours: black, white and green and is designed to match everyone's needs and choice. The basic theme behind the Honda EV-Neo's design was "Harmony with neighbours in the coming times". Honda targeted the design to feel familiar and open. The motorbike design speaks for the style of the present times and was designed to be compatible in the future era as well.

Honda MopedEnlarge - Honda EV-Neo electric Moped

How does the electric engine work?

The functioning of this moped is easy. The user starts the throttle enabling the Acceleration Position Sensor (APS) to convert the opening to electric signals. The motor output is calculated by the PDU with the help of the signals from APS and BMU. The PDU then sends the needed electricity to the motor from the battery to produce the optimal level of output.

The success of Honda EV-Neo 2012:

Honda Ev-Neo is perfect for city centre use and has received worldwide attention from all around the world. This moped is the perfect starter for those that passed their CBT Test. The model gained a lot of popularity in the streets of Barcelona due to its environment friendly nature, efficiency and affordability. Not to forget, that 30% of vehicles in Barcelona consist of motorcycles. The hub of technology, Japan, has also showed interest in this new device in their programmes to test Honda Vehicles to improve the transportability in the future.

The Honda's expectations of selling at least 1000 unit in it's first year of release were met in Japan after it's lease sale that began in April 2011 at a basic price of £3500.

Happy riding