Kawasaki Reveals its Latest 4 Cylinder Supercharged Engine

When it comes to engine power and reliability, Kawasaki is among the first, if not the only brand to come to mind. This trusted brand is an international corporation that is based in Japan specialising in motorcycles, ATVs and watercrafts. Because they understand what their market is looking for, particularly speed and power, they really come up with the best technology that allow riders to "let the good times roll", as their tagline says.

Just when people think that Kawasaki has come up with the best engines, they once again left a huge crowd in awe when they revealed and unveiled their latest engine, which surpasses everyone's expectations and is simply like no other. During the Tokyo Motor Show in Japan, the brand proudly showed their latest supercharged four-cylinder engine. Motorcyclist and visitors got so excited that they forgot about the Honda or a Yamaha.

The term "supercharged" alone got a lot of people interested. Can their current engines still be any better? Well, Kawasaki never ceases to amaze motorcyclists. True to the theme of the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show that happens yearly, the brand continues to "compete and shape a new future". They are still into the development of turbine engines that is thought to be run by blades that work very well despite of extreme temperatures and vibration brought by fast speed. As if Kawasaki motorcycles are not fast enough now, future models will surely be even faster and smoother.

Kawasaki Supercharged engine

Kawasaki Brand

The great news is, the brand is working very hard to ensure that this supercharged engine will not burn more petrol than needed. They claim that its fuel efficiency will be unprecedented.

Considering the great track record of Kawasaki, it is already expected that they will be the ones to invent such an outstanding engine design. After all, their knowledge is backed up by years of experience not just in creating motorcycle engines but also transport machinery, energy making equipment and other industrial vehicles. The cooperation of everyone within the company makes it possible for associates to build on the knowledge shared by fellow employees from different departments and divisions.

Kawasaki four cylinder engine

Kawasaki's Aspiration

So what is Kawasaki's inspiration for pursuing all this? According to the president, it all boils down to the company's core values allowing them to respond to what their customers need through originality and innovation. Many would agree that the company is doing very well in sticking to it's values and the supercharged engine that the world is excited about, is proof of this.

While no details have been divulged about the supercharged engine, those who know are saying that the capacity would most probably reach about 1000 cc. This is definitely taking the ZZR 1400 to the next level. While some would say that an engine that powerful is impossible, there are those that say that Kawasaki could prove them wrong. After all, if there is any company that can revolutionise engines, it is this Japanese company that has earned the trust, admiration and support of many, not just in Japan or Asia but all over the world.

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