The Honda CBR600 or the Yamaha R6?

Honda CBR600 & Yamaha R6Enlarge - Honda CBR600 & Yamaha R6

In the vast world of motorcycles, two of the most popular bikes of today are the Honda CBR600 and the Yamaha R6. If you are interested in buying one, or both of these bikes it would be a good idea to know a couple things about them to ensure the best decision when buying your motorcycle.
I am assuming that you are an experienced rider and have who went through all the stages of getting a CBT Motorcycle or Scooter licence and managed to do few hundred hours on the road.     Both bikes are wildly praised for many reasons, and basically all people who have purchased them love the bikes. Many people say you should mainly choose your bike based on the feel of it, and how it fits your body. So testing them out and seeing how they fit is a good option.

The Honda CBR600

Most riders agree that this bike is one fun ride. Its features and technology are very modern and some describe them as "nearly perfect". So with so many bikes, what makes the bike just so amazing?    
  • The brakes. Even the most strict motorcycle testers agree that these brakes work to near perfection and are absolutely amazed. These brakes make sure that it's rider(s) will be in as much safety as possible when you need to hit the brakes quickly.
  • This motorcycle is known to have tons of power and has also been renowned on racetracks as well.
  • While the bike will impress anyone with it's technology it is also a very nice looking bike. It is lightweight and will make anyone you meet jealous and quite impressed.
  • Like all Honda products are known for, the bike will last a long time and is very reliable.
  • This bike also makes a great sound. Many riders view this as a large bonus.
  This fine bike has plenty of other great features, and these are just some of them. While it is a great bike, some people will say otherwise (those that haven't enjoyed the feel of the bike), and many people prefer a much sportier bike. It depends on your own taste.  

The Yamaha R6

Since the R6 was introduced in 1998 it has been revised and updated many times and continues to satisfy riders with every new upgrade. As of the most recent model it wows everyone. Here are some of the reasons why.    
  • This bike looks amazing. It's got a sexy design and it can impress anyone with its many colours available to choose from.
  • Starting from the update in 2006 the bike was significantly upgraded with a new engine management system featuring state of the art technology.
  • In 2008 the bike was updated to optimise power and was also given an improved frame design.
  • The bike's design is extremely nice based on the reviews of most riders.
  This bike is a great ride for anybody who wants to impress their friends- or anyone else you are looking to impress.

Which one should you get?

Ultimately it is your choice but to help you out here is what other people said. Most agreed that if you are beginning you should go with the Honda CBR600 and even after you have become a far more experienced rider the Yamaha R6 is still a tough ride and must be revved extremely hard.

Some say that the Honda CBR600 is slower, and a bit more soft of a ride while the Yamaha R6 is a ride better for sports and racing. Some feel that they are either fine choices, or both bad choices and suggest different bikes, or different models than the most recent one.

Feelings and opinions for each vary very much based on the type of rider you are so it is highly recommended that you test ride each one and ask your friends and family members what they think about it so that you will be happy with the bike you get.

Since a motorcycle is a very expensive object compared to most other things you could buy, make sure that you like yours before you buy it and be happy for quite a while.
These two bikes are both great choices and fantastic ride. These motorcycles are very popular bikes to ride and will be a fantastic addition to your garage. Here is a review of some of the topics covered in this article.

The Honda CBR600 and the Yamaha R6 are generally renowned as very nice motorcycles however it is agreed that they are better suited for different riders. The Honda CBR600 being more for an everyday ride and the Yamaha R6 more of a racing bike however they can be used for the same purpose.

Both these bikes use modern technology and are known for their power. However these two bikes can be different in certain ways. They are also both known for their "slick look" since they both have nice looking frames and general appearances to most people and motorcycle riders.

When you are ready to buy one of these motorcycles (or any) make sure you have researched the one you want thoroughly. Again, the choice is completely up to you but it is recommended that if you are beginning to ride motorbikes or you are planning on using your motorcycle for common day use to get the Honda CBR600 and that the Yamaha R6 is generally for the more experienced rider or for racing.

Ultimately, these are two great bikes with some similarities and differences. Whether you are planning on riding, buying, or just simply wanted to learn some things about the Honda CBR600 or the Yamaha R6, you will agree that these bikes are extremely nice motorbikes and would be a very attractive addition to anybody's collection.

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