Moped Insurance - All you Need to Know Beforehand

Vespa scooter It's not always easy finding the best 50cc moped or moped insurance. Things can get even trickier in the scenario where you are just learning to ride or are below the age of 25. Here's an insight into how you can get the best moped insurance quotes for your scooter or moped.

In the scenario where you have bought a brand new moped, it would be a good idea to check the original manufacturer's moped insurance deal.

Say for instance, you are just learning to ride and live in a big city like London or Birmingham, you would find that insuring a second or third hand moped costs just as much as when you would buy a new moped. This mostly comes for free in the first year.

To give you a better picture, we are citing an example for the above. Say for instance that you are buying a brand new Kymco Agility City 50. It should be noted that Kymco has a moped insurance package on the model, Agility City 50 and also other models for individuals who are above the age of 25. Apart from this, they provide a third party fire/theft package for just less than 250 pounds deal for people in the age bracket of 16-24. You could also get a SYM DD50 package that comes with free coverage for the first year in the original purchasing package as you step out of the showroom.

Chances are that you might have heard about the names SYM and Kymco from this article for the first time; however, it needs to be said that these are fairly decent models that are made in Taiwan and they are known to provide the end user with decent scooters apart from providing a superior network of dealers in the UK.

Search in the Specialists for Mopeds and Scooters

When it comes to the major players in motorcycle and moped insurance in the UK, the names that you would be looking for would include Bennetts, eBike, Hastings, MCE, Devitt, and Carole Nash.

It's pretty easy to apply for moped insurance as online forms are easily available, so you don't even have to step out of your home. It's always easier if you have all necessary documentation and driving information in hand while you are filling out the online forms. There are some factors that you need to keep in perspective while filling the forms such as the projected mileage. You could invest in a good anti theft system. Most 50 cc mopeds don't get much in the way of coverage for theft. So instead of wasting your coverage on anti-theft insurance, get a nice strong lock-chain system and save substantially in terms of the premium you pay.

Comparison websites are not as much of help as you would think them to be. On checking one of these websites, we entered the details of a beginner rider below 20 years of age with a provisional licence, an East London postcode, and no security. The package was quoted for a Vespa Piaggio Typhoon 50, with a projection of around 5000 miles per annum in commuting.

moped insurance

We could see that a website came up with the best deal at 944.61 pounds. The most outlandish quote we got was a bewildering 1953 pounds offered by Devitt. We couldn't imagine someone with a sane disposition taking up this ridiculous offer.

To test it out, we modified the quotation seeking a complete compensation cover, while we stepped up the excess to 600 pounds. The cheapest premium we got was a little below 2000 pounds from another dealer, with the highest quote coming in at over 2200 pounds from another provider.

So basically, what we could get out of this whole exercise was that it is simply not worth it to insure your moped with a full comprehensive if you are a beginner ride. You would do better off by risking any financial losses that you would probably incur by getting involved in an accident while on it.

Here are some tips that would help you if you own a moped and do most of your getting around on it. Well, it would very well hold good even if you use your moped on rare occasions for that odd trip to the store or extremely short distances.

  • Get a good, strong lock-chain system and keep it with your vehicle at all times. Use it whenever you park your vehicle without exception, even if you want to dash in the store for just 5 minutes.
  • Insuring Third Party Only would not be a good idea as moped insurance companies would in all likelihood place you as a high risk entity and quote extremely high premiums.
  • You would do good to avoid pillion insurance since the risk of personal injury would only be added on to the cost for your cover.
  • You must have been taken in by those shiny and stylish Italian scooter models and spent your allowance on it. Sure, it's great to see in your garage, but everybody around you would be thinking the same thing. Thieves are attracted immensely to these models. So, if you want one, be ready to keep any eye open all the time.
  • Another important thing to be noted is that if you have acquired license for your car prior to February of 2001, you would be able to ride a moped that is below 50 cc and you will not be required to undergo a test. Though this seems like a great bonus, getting scooter training or a moped is always a good idea as they are different and require different skill sets.
  • Obviously, a four stroke moped with an engine capacity that is below 50 cc is less expensive to operate in comparison to a two stroke engine. This is due to the fact that there is no need for two-stroke oil when you fill fuel. Fuel consumption is a plus for the four stroke moped as well, typically in the range of around 120-150mpg; however, you can expect just around 65 to 75mpg from your two stroke engine.
  • If you are looking at options in electric moped, it is true that they don't cost much to run, obviously because they require no fuel, however, certain brands with gel batteries would require a battery replacement within a couple of years. As a consequence, such electric scooters don't provide for much in terms of resale value.
  • Happy and safe riding!
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