Moped Licence and Moped Test, How to book and pass your Moped Lessons

A moped licence is useful to have for a vehicle that can help a person ride within a local area in an efficient manner with minimum effort. Since the top speed is generally 28 miles per hour (in some cases 31 miles), it is a relatively safe option as well. There are certain requirements that a person must fulfil before he or she can drive it on the road without any supervision.

A moped is a lightweight motorcycle that has a power of 50cc or less. On acquiring a moped licence, there is a requirement of 'L' plates being displayed both on the front and in the back.

There is a requirement of a compulsory basic training (moped lessons) that most people must have in order to drive it on the road. Once you fulfil them, you get a moped licence.

In UK, it is important that you have acquired the moped licence, which is in effect the CBT. Without this, you cannot bring the moped out on public roads. There are moped lessons that have been designed to allow you to learn and pass your moped licence before you could drive your moped in public.

According to the new European legislation to improve road safety, passed on 19 January 2013, provisional licence holders must have a moped licence in order to ride on public roads. The kind of moped or motorcycle that you are entitled to, it directly depends on the age and the level of your moped licence that you will be eligible for. The rider has to be at least 16 and as mentioned above, must hold at least a provisional licence. Once you achieve your moped licence by passing a moped test, you can then apply for a full motorbike licence. You must get an insurance policy and if you don't, then you in for some trouble with the law. Also, the moped licence is not required for individuals who passed their full car licence before 1st February 2001 or already enjoy a full-motorcycle licence. Some islands do not require moped licences at all.

Every applicant must have obtained a moped licence in order to ride on public roads. A full theory and practical motorcycle testing must be attempted and completed within two years of taking the moped test or else the test will have to be taken again. The minimum age requirement is 16 and there are about 7 different types of licences that allow you to ride a certain kind of moped/motorcycle with limited engine power. The age requirement varies and to qualify for a higher-graded moped licence, further testing must be done and the additional age requirement must be met. Booking is to be done with all the required documents (provisional or full driving licence and counterpart). The moped used for moped lessons and test would be provided unless the applicant wishes to bring his/her own and it meets the basic requirements (MOT, taxed and insured).

What is a Moped test and how to pass one ?

Moped test is subject to some criteria. In order to ride a scooter on public roads, one has to go through moped lessons (a day course) and pass the mopped test. The test is designed to ensure that the people riding mopeds are able to drive it in various city conditions without any trouble. It is important that all applicable documents are brought along for the moped test (provisional or full driving licence and counterpart). If you have misplaced any of these documents, you should consult the related department and get a replacement before attempting your moped licence.

A moped test is basically designed to help you understand and verify if you are familiar with the ?highway code' in your particular area and can also put these sets of rules into action before riding a motorcycle. It is important for riders to be well aware of the road environment and know all the safety and precautionary steps before hitting the road. This is obviously done by giving a practical demonstration by the person conducting this exam on behalf of the government during your moped lesson.

A moped test is five-part test based on theory and practical demonstration. A person must also enhance their practical riding skills during the moped lesson before taking to the road and do some independent riding to gain your moped licence at the end.

There is a pass or fail criteria and a person should be able to show enough skills to handle themselves on the road with a mopped safely to pass the test.

In order to pass and get the moped licence, the applicant must fulfil the basic test standard i.e. no serious/harmful faults and overall a few number of mistake is acceptable. The examiners will provide feedback and inform you whether you passed your moped test or not. To acquire the moped licence, a practical moped test is next in line. The practical test consists of 2 modules. Module 1 requires you to complete all the necessary off-road manoeuvres, which include u-turns, control and avoidance of danger. Module 2 requires you to show on-road independent riding ability and good judgment / vision. The modules must be attempted in that order and both must be passed to claim your moped licence. The moped test is designed to rightfully acknowledge and register moped riders, after evaluating and ensuring that they will meet the basic safety precautions and not cause any accidents on the road before they are given their moped licence.

As mentioned above, as a 16 year old, you are limited to 28mph and have to display full sized L-plates after obtaining a moped licence. When you turn 17 years old, you are entitled to apply for a full motorcycle licence upgrading your engine limit to 125cc. But it is necessary to pass your moped test first.

Overview of Moped lessons

Moped lessons are basically a one daylong course where the drivers attending are told about the basics that they need to know. They prepare you well for your moped test so that you know what to expect and how to respond to the situation.

While it is better to have a general idea of moped riding etc for your moped lesson; most of the things that you need to do will be explained to you on the moped test day. Though, it is necessary that you have some knowledge about what the moped test is like and what it demands of you to get your moped licence.

Moped lessons generally last only a single day. They allow you to understand the basic requirements of riding a moped and how to handle yourself on the road. The main purpose that moped lessons serves is to give you an actual confidence to pass your moped licence and get the DL196 certificate at the end.

Moped lessons generally take place at weekdays as well as weekends. They provide participants with insight on various areas of riding and give understanding on what is a moped licence. Although moped lessons are not compulsory for people with full licence, these are particularly advisable for people who are starting up and are nervous on the road while they are riding. The instructors can help the people that are taking moped lessons overcome the jitters and be able to ride in a calmer manner and perform better on the road and in the final moped test.

No one can be certain how many moped lessons a person will require before he or she can pass the moped test but 99% do get their moped licence in one day.

To pass the moped test the person must have good balance and eyesight and know all the elementary highway rules. In case of language issues, you can bring a designated person with you to the moped test and he or she will answer to your needs (instructions) and take the necessary steps. The examiners are there to serve and fulfil any kind of special need that has to be given attention to.

Moped lessons and instructions will be given on the very day, all requirements and the kind of gear you need, will also be emailed to you beforehand.

It is assumed that all individuals who take moped lessons before the final test will pass. Although, if one has to fail the moped licence, he or she needs to take the test again after a short period of time (generally the next day) and the full or partial payment must be paid for each time you take the test.

To be certain in passing the on-road moped test, you require the ability to control the moped while taking turns or going over bumps or mildly swinging side to side. Having good vision as to not let any obstructions on the road go unnoticed and cause problems and to be confident behind the handle.

Moped lessons consists of the following essentials:

  • Eye-sight/ vision check.
  • On-site and on-road training
  • On-site and on-road riding
  • Off-site and on-road riding

Moped CBT

Moped CBT, short for Compulsory Basic Training is a course consisting of 3 modules. It covers all aspects of riding a moped from on-site basic skills to on-road unaccompanied driving as mentioned in the previous paragraphs. Moped CBT usually takes up to a full day. However, some moped CBT centres deliver the training in half a day. Not more than 4 learners are assigned per trainer unless it is prearranged differently. The person taking the test is not required to bring his own moped unless he wishes to do so (only some centres allow you to use you own bike). In that case, the moped must be within the given range of top-speed and engine power and has to be safe to ride, taxed, insured and has to have a valid MOT.

The moped CBT is a basic training that all drivers of the two-wheeled vehicles need to possess. Moped drivers also fall in this category and they have to have it. This is a compulsory requirement for anyone wishing to ride a moped alone on the road. Moped CBT has a validity of two years. It allows a rider over 16 years of age with a provisional moped licence to ride (without a pillion passenger) on the road.

The moped test was first introduced in 1990 in order to cut down on the number of fatal accidents and deaths caused due to the lack of knowledge and understanding from riders on mopeds. There are certain conditions in which a person can be exempt from the moped test although most riders need to take one.

If a person possesses enough skills to show that he or she can handle the situation on the road and has enough sense of riding, the moped CBT is easily passed. There is no strict pass or fail a criterion as such and the assessor looks for the basics that a driver on the road must possess. It is important that the person intending to take the moped CBT has a provisional licence already.

Moped licence Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What time does the moped test start ? open

A. The test mostly runs 7 days a week and starts at 8:30 am.

Q. Is the old paper style license valid for moped lessons ? open

A. Yes, as long as you are entitled to provisional motorcycle riding, it is valid

Q. What is the requirement for an applicant to bring his/her moped ?

A. The moped must be legal, 50 cc or less with a top speed of not more than 28mph

Q. How long is a moped licence valid for ? open

A. Moped licence is valid for 2 years, during this time (as soon as you turn 17) you should apply for a full motorcycle so you don't have to take the moped test again,

Q. What are the necessary modules for moped lessons ? open

A. Moped lessons consist of 3 modules, with a total of 5 elements. Module 1 consists of theoretical and practical training. Module 2 allows you to enhance your practical riding skills and module 3 is more along the lines of on-road independent riding.

Q. How does the independent riding test work ? open

A. It will require you to have a general knowledge of the directions/traffic lights and good judgment.

Q. Does moped CBT apply to me ? open

A. If you have passed a car driving licence before 1 Feb 2001 then you are exempted from taking a moped test. Also, some offshore islands do not require moped licence either.

Q. How do I pay for my moped test ? open

A. The payment can be done by debit or credit cards.

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