Motorbike CBT and Motorbike Licence

If you wish to ride a motorbike on public roads, there are two things you will need. You'll need to have completed a motorbike CBT course, and you will need a valid certificate saying you completed it. You will also need a motorbike licence if you are opting for a full licence option. You probably will also want to have a motorbike. But if you don't have these two things, you can't legally ride, and the chances are, you don't want that and that is why you are reading this.

Getting your motorbike CBT and motorbike licence won't take too much time, and if you understand them and are focused you can usually get them pretty quickly. In the next few lines, we will try to explain these two and their differences.

Motorbike CBT

Motorbike CBT is simply a course you take if you are interested in riding a motorbike that has a small engine size of less than 50cc. By completing you motorbike CBT, you will obtain a CBT certificate, which in turn allows you to be legal on the road. You may not need to get a motorbike CBT if you have a certain type of car licence or have achieved a certain age.

Motorbike CBT training is taught by approved training instructors or body (ATB). You will have some off-road training, and eventually on-road one too. So if you have been waiting to ride your motorcycle out in public, this is the first thing you will need to get.

Motorbike Licence

Once you've obtained your Motorbike CBT and you have obtained a certificate, you now need your motorbike licence if you wish to go for a bigger bike. Without some kind of motorbike licence, you can't ride on roads legally. There are different categories of licences you can get depending on your age, knowledge, and ability.

In order to get a Full A motorbike licence, you will have to be a minimum of 24 years old. With this licence you will have access to all motorbikes and tricycles. In order to get this A licence you will need to have:

  • Completed a motorbike CBT course (no more than 2 years before taking the practical test).
  • Passed the motorbike theory test (no more than 2 years before taking the practical test).
  • Passed the motorbike practical test.

You may or may not need to obtain a provisional licence as well. If you aren't yet 24, you can still get a motorbike licence. You will just have some restrictions. You won't be able to get motorcycles or tricycles of a certain size and weight. The power of your bike will be limited as well. Combined, all these tests usually will cost around 500, so it's not that expensive, and compared to all the fun you can have on a motorcycle it's practically nothing. These tests may be challenging to some people, especially the motorbike licence (A), my advice is revise before taking your theory test. So if you have been waiting to complete the last step before you can officially ride a big motorcycle on the road, get your motorbike licence today.

Motorbike Provisional Licence

What is a motorbike provisional licence ? This is practically a CBT! A motorbike provisional license has restrictions, while a Full A license does not. You cannot carry a pillion passenger, and you cannot go faster than a certain speed (28mph). The size and power of the bike are restricted as well. So even though you need to have had a provisional licence for a while, you probably don't want to have it for forever. Getting your Full A Licence is the goal. You must also clearly display 'L' plates ('D' plates if you live in Wales).

Ultimately, if you wish to legally ride a motorcycle on public roads and motorways, without restrictions, there are a few things you will need. The most basic and obvious thing you will need is a motorbike CBT. Without it you can't get much of anything concerning motorcycles and tricycles. The course doesn't usually take more than one day to complete and it won't take too much time out of your busy life. Your age does matter if you are trying to get your motorbike licence. But if you aren't eligible you should just get your motorbike provisional licence or CBT because you will need to have had that to get the Full A licence. To start out the whole process and be legal, book your motorbike CBT today!

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