Which bike? - Motorcycles To Ride This 2014

It is a fact that motorbikes are very diverse machines. They deliver excellent fuel economy; they can squeeze through tight spaces during traffic and take you on a thrilling ride during the weekends. But the best part of it is that bikes are fairly inexpensive. Listed here are some of the best and latest motorcycles this 2014.

Kawasaki Ninja 300

It is quite surprising that a tiny machine that isn't just a bargain, but also a mean ride you could feel. The Kawasaki Ninja 300 replaces the 250R from last year. Even though it lost the "R", it is still very fun to ride. Unlike the old bike that still use a cab, the 300's engine now uses fuel injection and has an updated chassis. It is also fitted with a slipper clutch and motorcyclists now have the option for an ABS. But what's really amazing about it is the 379 pound curb weight and the engine's 13,000 redline. It is quite more expensive than the 250R; still, it's a great deal.

2014 Kawasaki Ninja 300

Vespa 946

The Vespa 946 is without a doubt one of the best-looking scooter for a long time now. Its 946 name are a reference to the 1946 Vespa and still contain the classical Italian look with a modern twist. Even though it still has a vintage look, it still remains as the best equipped and technologically advanced Vespa ever made. Initially the engine is a 125cc, four-stroke engine that smoothly speeds up to 60mph. However, a 150cc model will be available in the future. Its frame is made of steel incorporated with aluminium alloy sections making it a perfect ride for urban commuting.

2014 Vespa 946

Honda NC700X

Adventure-touring bikes have always been hot sellers in Europe and it seems like buyers in the U.S. are appreciating these rides too. The Honda NC700X isn't just for adventure; it's more of a blend of bike styles including a serious dollop of motorcycle training.

The NC700X offers a smooth ride with a modest 51HP from its 670cc engine. It is also a sporty ride that delivers generous suspension travel and comfortable riding position making it suitable for battling city traffic and twisty roads.

2014 Honda NC700

Yamaha TMAX

The TMAX is probably one of the best bikes available in the market because of its capacity to offer a wonderful ride since it has an immediate throttle response from the usual test and goes. Motorcyclists also have the option to equip it with an Akrapovic exhaust system. Apart from that, it is very light and nimble and the angle of the bars looks like a sports bike. Even though it is not economical, practical or fastest, it is a very well balanced machine and quite addictive to ride.

2014 Yamaha TMAX

Which bike?

However, motorcycles and mopeds are not for everyone. Space and passenger is very limited and riders are susceptible to a lot more danger from harsh weather, unmaintained roads and other motorist's mistakes. Despite of that, many people are still considering to own these machines since the benefits are more better than having to commute or battle with heavy traffic. Just take the precautions like wearing protective gears and helmet and be as visible as possible.

Happy and safe riding!
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