Steps to Apply for a Provisional Driving Licence

Are you looking forward to ride a motorbike in the UK? Before you will be allowed to learn how to ride a bike, you need to apply and get a Provisional Driving Licence. This licence is required for your riding lessons or a CBT Training, whether from an accredited CBT centre or a responsible adult rider that you know. There are certain steps and considerations to follow for you to receive this licence. Below are simple and easy steps to follow for provisional driving licence application.

First Step: Pre-requisites

You have to be a resident of Great Britain or have lived in this country for years and have a valid UK passport or a residence certificate. Since the legitimate age of driving is 17 years old, you can apply for a provisional driving licence at the age of 16, which means it's time to ride a moped before you are 17 years old. And another factor is that your eyesight is still good that you can still see and read a road sign or a plate number from about 20 meters. These are the important points that you have to consider in order for you to apply for provisional driving licence.

Second Step: Identification Process

If you have a certain digital passport for identification, it's so easy to apply for provisional driving licence in the UK. You will only have to give your nine digits digital passport identification number for them to enter in the computer systems to confirm your documents and identity. However, if you currently don't own a digital passport, you will have to complete an application form and pass particular identification processes, such as a non-digital passport, a birth certificate, EU Identity Card, and a National Insurance Card.

Third Step: What to Bring

You must bring a recent passport sized photo in full colour. It should be 45mm by 35mm in measure and must show your entire head. The background should be evenly white and there must not be hats, jewelleries, or something that obscures the head and the face. Have your photograph signed by a person who has known you for at least two years and that person cannot be your relative. You should also provide an address, whether a home or a rental apartment wherein you have stayed for a year or two. Make sure that you also have a black pen with you for any forms that you have to sign or complete, especially if you're applying at the post office personally.

Fourth Step: Method and Application Cost

Today, online provisional driving licence application is the most popular method. It's convenient and fast which is a good solution for busy individuals. Nonetheless, if you're not that technical and prefer personal experience and paper application, the post office is still accepting provisional licence applications and you can always send it yourselve to the DVLA on the address below. For provisional driving licence cost, you will have to pay 50 Pounds over-the-counter at the post office, by cheque, or by postal order. However, if you send the application yourself, you can send your debit card details.

After you've completed all these steps, you will have to wait for about two to three weeks for your provisional licence to be processed and sent to you. When you receive your Provisional Driving Licence, you are now ready to set out for a moped riding lesson. It's important to bring your provisional licence if you book your moped lessons. Remember, you need at least a provisional licence to book a CBT motorcycle course

Provisional Driving Licence Transactions
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Enjoy riding!

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