Riding a 50cc moped from 16 with a provisional licence

riding from 16Enlarge image - Riding from 16
When you are sixteenth or over, you can start the process which will enable you to ride a moped of up to 50cc (4kW) with an L plates and without a pillion passenger, where appropriate. First, you will need to apply for a provisional licence and complete a CBT course to obtain the CBT certificate. You cannot gain your full bike licence without the CBT. As long as the CBT certificate is valid, you can start riding your moped on the roads, but only when displaying L plates and you are not allowed to carry a passenger. You will need to take and pass a theory test, but you don't need this to drive with L plates. When you are ready you should then apply for your 2 part practical test on a suitable moped and, as long as you pass, you can then ride a moped up to the engine size detailed above, with passenger on the pillion if the moped has a seat for a second person. If you fail, you can continue to ride with L plates until the expiry of your CBT certificate.
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