Riding from 19 - A2 medium motorcycle up to 35kW

riding from 19Enlarge image - Riding from 19
When you are nineteen you could in theory have had a car licence for two years. If this is the case, you can go straight to the two part practical test to drive an A2 category motorcycle without needing to pass a theory test or to complete a CBT course as anyone without a full car licence (or a licence held for less than two years) must do. In the meantime, you must use L plates and cannot carry a pillion. Your test will need to be on a bike in the A2 category, which means it will be of at least 395cc and between 25kW and 35kW. When you pass the practical test, you will be able to carry a passenger. Failing the test means that the no-passenger rule still applies and you will need to show L plates until you are successful.
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