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More Information on the Usefulness of Motor Scooters

Scooters are basically two-wheelers, which resemble motorbikes, but are smaller in design. They can be used on motorways also, but most of them are comfortable to be used on certain type of roads such as within the city limits or the towns. Since its inception in the early decades of the previous century, motor scooters are deemed to be one among the most comfortable and economical mode of road transportation as long as you ride them with a scooter licence.

Motor Scooters are high in demand and it is noted that the sales of different brands of motor scooters have doubled since the year 2000. Being much cheaper than motorcycles and also being highly useful, scooters are quite popular everywhere. Many people consider motor scooters as a distinctive style icon. The proof of this is that you can see the models posing on scooters in many commercials as well as fashion calendars of reputed magazines.

Electric Scooters and Petrol Scooters

There are different models of motor scooters and there are several manufacturing brands out there all over the world. Of various types of scooters, petrol scooters and electric scooters are common. Their prices vary according to the engine capacity and the make. Electric Scooter models are, however, preferred over the petrol ones because these produce less noise and are more environmentally friendly. Also, the electric scooters can easily be charged to last for about 6-8 hours and then these can be recharged and used again. As far as the petrol scooters are concerned, these are far more powerful and effective for long distance rides because of their pneumatic tyres as well as high ground clearance. The noise of petrol scooters may be a bit higher than that of electric scooters, but nowadays mufflers are installed to reduce the engine sound to a big extent. Some major manufacturers of petrol motor scooters include Pocket Rocket, Honda, Vespa, Jet, Viper and many more.

Motor Scooters

A Brief History of Motor Scooters

First known as the "child's push vehicle", the initial design of scooters was developed in early 1900s, which had to be propelled by pushing the pedal with one foot. In the first design, motors were not attached to the scooter. From there, the technological advancement led to the manufacturing of gasoline engines, which were low-powered and got attached to the scooter body. The engine was geared to the rear wheel of the scooter, providing a very comfortable mechanism and offering very affordable means of transport.

It is said that the motor scooters were first invented and manufactured in Shanghai after almost five years of intense research and development. At first, these scooters were sold under the brand name of Razor Scooters. It was a huge hit at that time and those who booked scooters had to wait for more than six months to get the delivery. Then started the golden time of scooters and for decades after that different models of scooters were ruling the roads all over the world.

Scooters were made in lightweight aluminium material, which was intended to support a higher weight without bending. Usually, these scooters had low-powered engines in it and had smaller wheels compared to motorcycles. Brake pedals were applied by stepping on the rear fender and got applied directly to the rear wheel. Some scooters were also made as foldable models, which could be placed in a much smaller space.

Motor Scooter

Motor Scooters Now

There are many different brands and styles of motor scooters available in the market now. Manufacturers offer modified and customised designs according to the taste of their consumers. In fact, many people love to modify and use the vintage scooters also. To cater to their demands, such versions are offered through online auctions as well as at many used vehicle showrooms. However, the push scooters, petrol-powered motor scooters and electric scooters can be seen more in numbers in the market.

Foldable scooters are also there on offering now. These are a very popular type of two-wheeler model for comfortable use. Such motor scooters are compact and can be easily stored in a smaller space and can also be carried around easily. These models are considered to be apt for short distance travel though. Compact scooters mostly intended to be used by children and for the older adults who have the need to comfortably commute shorter distances. The brakes in this model needed to be applied by stepping on to the back fender in order to release pressure on rear wheel to stop the vehicle.

electric Scooter

Several low-powered and high-powered scooter versions are also available today. In fact, varieties in terms of speed, comfort, safety, and convenience features can also be seen. These are designed keeping in mind the budget of the consumers. Many scooter dealers offer these scooters at discounted rates. To boost sales, online stores offer brand new as well as used scooters. However, care has to be taken while doing online shopping. It is recommended to purchase used scooters directly from the sellers rather than from online stores because their condition and performance needs to be checked. For this, getting in touch with a skilled technician to inspect the scooter is a good idea as he can give you proper feedback whether the used vehicle is worth its price.

In the recent years, it has been noted that motor scooters are again becoming the craze of the age, especially among the youth who like to flaunt their style in unique ways. Motor scooters are also deemed to be quick and cheap mode of transportation and this also adds to their popularity all around the world. Even children also love to try out less-powered kids electric scooters these days, as they don't need full motorbike licence for driving them. However, people need to be aware of the potential dangers associated with riding two-wheelers. It is important to take adequate safety measures and to abide by the entire safe riding regulations put forth by the motor vehicles regulatory authorities and have at least a CBT training certificate. As what matters most is the safety of the driver or user. And with precautions, any dangers or risks can be avoided with ease.

Happy and safe riding!
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