Get Scooter Licence with our Scooter Lessons

Are you planning to get the licence to ride your scooter on road? In UK, to ride a scooter or motorcycle, you have to first pass a scooter test by completing some kind of scooter lessons. On passing this test, you will first get a provisional scooter licence to ride a scooter, moped or motorbike between 50cc and 125cc. Before embarking on a scooter test, you first need to apply for a provisional licence. While planning to apply for a provisional driving licence, you should be aware of the following basic things.

  • You should be a UK citizen and permanent resident, you need to provide the address where you had lived for last 3 years.
  • You should meet the minimum age requirement: For moped or a scooter licence, you can start riding at the age of 16, but in case of a car you have to wait till age 17 to get a provisional licence.
  • You should meet the minimum eyesight requirement to pass the scooter test and other driving licence tests. Also if you wear spectacles or lenses for good eyesight, you must wear them while driving also and it will be an offence if you don't do that.

In UK, driving licence is a legal document, which authorises the licence holder to operate different types of vehicles per the nature of the licence. There are a variety of driving licences, among which scooter licence is in high demand and, which is the one many people start with. In Britain, the driving licence administration is done by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) and in Northern Ireland, licensing is done by Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA).

On clearing the preliminary scooter test, a provisional scooter licence (CBT) will be provided to the individual with what one can start riding a vehicle subjected to certain restrictions. The restrictions are; you must show or display L-plates on the scooter, also in case of a scooter licence, you are not supposed to ride with a pillion passenger. Also, motorways strictly must not be used by the provisional licence holder except for B+E learner drivers.

The provisional scooter licence is valid for 2 years and after that the candidate must pass the full scooter test to get a full UK motorcycle licence for free riding. This test consists of three parts as theory, a hazard perception test, and a supervised on road-driving assessment. If you do not upgrade the provisional scooter licence within 2 years to full, its validity will be lost and you need to go through the scooter test again with a further 2 years validity. The same condition is applicable for all the 2, 3, 4 wheeler vehicles. As you are more interested to know about scooter licence, we will discuss further about scooter lessons and scooter test.

One thing to be aware of when you are planning to take up the scooter lessons is that you should enrol only at any DSA certified institutions where you can get the support of an authorised instructor. Such training centres are called Approved Training Bodies (ATB) and you can find a UK government approved Scooter centre near you to book your training and scooter test.

The training curriculum for scooter licence is not too tough, but anyone with basic skills and learning capacity can easily know and learn it to be confident overtime to ride a vehicle confidently on road. The training modules are split into different sessions as Introduction to Riding, The Basics of Riding, Introduction to the Vehicle; Starting, Stopping and Controls, On-site Practical Training, Developing Necessary Riding Skills, Practical on-site Riding, Application of Break and Gear, On-road Training with Observation, Anticipation, and Proper Positioning of the Vehicle and Safety Precautions, etc.

An expert trainer will assist you in going through all these riding scooter lessons systematically so that on completion, you will be able to manage the riding independently in real-time situations. But you should also remember not to be overconfident after getting just a provisional scooter licence and should ride very carefully and abide by all the restrictions until you get yourself upgraded to the full UK motorcycle licence.

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