Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions set out below are applicable as of November 2013. We strongly advice you to fully read our Terms and Conditions as well as our Privacy Policy as you will be asked to confirm that you have read these and understood them before your CBT booking can be made and confirmed. If this is your first time on mopedslicence.com and you had no experience with us, we suggest that you read our FAQ and related links for more information.

Online Booking procedure

How to make CBT booking online:
(a) Choice of the CBT centre location Enter your choice in the online search box including dates you want your CBT course to start.
(b) Mopedslicence.com offer.
Based on the choices you supply, Mopedslicence.com will present you with different offers corresponding your needs in a complete list of CBT centres near you. The offers are defined as: a service that includes selected CBT centre available for a selected date with selected price - a price which can be either a prepaid price or a pay later price.
(c) Acknowledgment of the offer
you will be asked to agree to the Mopedslicence.com offer.
(d) Confirmation
you will be asked to accept our terms and conditions and to confirm your booking.
(e) Mopedslicence.com notification
Mopedslicence.com will send you an email confirmation that will include the booking number. The confirmation email will also include information about your training centre and what to do before turning up to your training on the booked day. Additionally, the email confirmation will serve as a reminder to take your driving licence and counterpart to your training centre.
If the email address provided by the customer is wrong, the organising centre and Mopedslicence.com cannot be held responsible for non-receipt of the confirmation email.
The www.mopedslicence.com site uses distance sales contracts and payment gateways provided by its partners (organizing CBT centres). Each system is equipped with an immediate payment by secure SSL payment. At no time does Mopedslicence Company receive any payment by trainees, regardless of the means of payment. Any request for billing should be addressed directly to the chosen CBT centre.

Booking Details

Booking Date:
We accept bookings for CBT training courses with no less than 2 hours advance notice and we also allow bookings for CBT courses up to 12 months in advance.
Your Mopedslicence.com charges take into account all mandatory charges corresponding to your booking criteria. These charges generally include the following items:
- VAT or any other local tax - Professional and expert delivery of your training courses - Free access and use of a motorcycle - Free access and use of protective equipments- Road tax and licence fee surcharge - At least a third party liability insurance.
The charges are guaranteed for the date connected to the complete and confirmed booking.

Payment terms and conditions

Payment at the time of booking:
When choosing an "online price(s)", payment of the full amount will be required at time of booking.
"Book and Pay at centre" - Payment to the CBT Centre
Certain CBT centres do not accept online payment or credit/debit cards. In this instance you need to visit the CBT centre you have booked your course with and make the full payment by cash or cheque, you will need to call the CBT centre in question and check with them if they accept cheques or strictly cash only. We recommend that customers verify their booking with the CBT centre they have chosen and arrange the payment to reach the centre or they risk losing their booking.


You can pay your CBT training using the following methods:

Debit cards:
We accept all major debit cards within Mopedslicence.com.

Warning - Debit/Credit cards
We accept all major debit cards. However, payments using credit cards are subject to an additional administration fee. The credit card holder in case of an online booking must be the candidate (the person attending the CBT Training Course). The person booking and attending the course must bring his/her credit card on the training day for verification.

Cash or cheques:
Payments in cash or by cheque can only be made directly to CBT centre no later than 2 days after the booking is complete. Please check with the CBT centre if they accept cheques.

Qualification at time of booking: Documentation & age limit

It is very important to understand that in order to book a CBT course, you must be at least 16 years of age and hold at least a valid provisional licence. You must bring both licence and counterpart to your training day or risk your booking being cancelled and your booking charges lost without any refund. We will remind you at the time of the booking and on the confirmation email, but it remains your own responsibility to bring the necessary documentation to your training day and centre. For more information about age limits, driving licences and other documents, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

Changing you booking: Amendment & Cancellation Policy

You can modify or cancel your booking by calling us on the number provided on your confirmation email. You can do this up to 72 hours prior to the due training date and time. You cannot amend an online booking via Mopedslicence.com website. In the case of "prepaid" booking, modification/cancellation fees may apply if the price is different from the original one. You may modify or cancel your booking, provided it is done up to 72 hours prior the training due date and time.
All cancellations requests must be made using the details supplied and indicated on the email received when making the booking. After the 72 hours period prior to the training course, the CBT centre reserves the right to charge you a cancellation fee.

Failure to turn up to your training course:

If you fail to cancel your booking up to 72 hours prior to the due training date and time or fail to turn up to your training course prior to the start time of the CBT training course - a cancellation fees may apply. Please refer to (Amendment & Cancellation Policy above)

Failure to present your documentation during the training day

If the fail to provide your driving licence and counterpart to the training centre, you will be refused training and your booking will be therefore cancelled. In such events, the CBT Centre (at its discretion) will offer you an alternative day on one of its training courses.

Force Majeure

Neither Mopedslicence.com nor the CBT training centres can be liable for failure to complete the training courses due to any major events or Force Majeure. So that in the case:
- of a prepaid booking; the transaction will be cancelled, and full refund will be issued to the candidate. The CBT centre will have the obligations and the responsibility to refund your transaction.

Head office:
145-157 St John Street
London EC1V 4PW

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