Vespa Scooter - Modern Vespa and their History

Vespa Scooter - Ruling the Roads

Vespa scooter are quite popular among consumers. They had been ruling the roads for many decades in a row and still haven't lost the elegance and style, being a dream road machine for many. Not just another scooter, Vespa is considered to be a style statement and a status icon.

The Vespa brand was first introduced in late 1940's as a feasible alternative to the motorcycles. Its unique design can be attributed to consumers' demand for riding a motorised two-wheeler that could set them free from the tension of oil stains on their clothing. Keeping this in mind, Vespa has been designed in such a way that all its oily components and engine parts were placed in the engine casing.

Vespa was first launched in Italy; and Italian designs were always considered to be the most elegant ones in the automobile industry, be it the case of cars or scooters. Vespa scooters incarnated with this true Italian spirit ensuring the perfect balance between style and mechanical performance.

Vespa got its name from the English word "wasp" and it was done so due to the front-end shape of the scooter design. That unique design introduced at that age is still regarded as the most elegant one in the history of scooters. It may be difficult now to find and own a vintage original Vespa scooter as it is bit pricey and mostly available in online auctions.

Modern Vespa

History of Vespa

The Vespa scooters actually started to get manufactured by the leading Italian motorcycle brand - Piaggio - after the end of World War II. The first scooter was developed as a design model in year 1946 at the Pontedera Piaggio Company and over the next few years, they expanded the manufacturing base with a wide range of scooter models. Piaggio was originally a fighter plane manufacturing company for Italian military forces during the world war. It was shortly after the war that Enrico Piaggio, who inherited the company from his father Rinaldo Piaggio, decided to step on to motorcycle manufacturing, which ultimately led to the invention of the Vespa scooter.

The Vespa model soon gained popularity in Italy and was considered to be the most economical form of road transport in the post-war world. Then there was an increased demand for Vespa scooters also from different parts of the world. By successfully meeting this need by 1950s, Vespa became the most successful global motor scooter model with a wide acceptance. However, today modern Vespa is one of the most popular two-wheeler brands not just in Europe, but also all over the world. Vespa's parent company, Piaggio is now one of the biggest motorcycles manufactures in the world in terms of unit sales.

Vespa Scooter

Modern Vespa, the Uniqueness of Design and Performance

Modern Vespa scooters are well known for the colourful and shiny appearance as well as the strong pressed steel body. A notable factor here is that over the decades, Vespa has retained many of its major features from its original design such as the unique and distinctive paintwork and the design of its steel covering of the rear-mounted engine. Vespa has also retained its flat plate footboard as well as the steel front fairing. Nowadays, Vespa scooters are also made from a variety of hard composite materials; however, the overall aesthetics are kept fairly original from the early design made by Piaggio.

Some of the unique features of modern Vespa scooters include flat floorboard as well as the comfortable front fairing. This design is considered to provide a very comfortable and convenient riding experience. These are also noted to provide better protection to the riders than most of the motorcycle models on the road. Vespa scooters are becoming more and more popular lately with the current trend of retro fashion, and the green credentials scooters have arguably contributed to this popularity.

Modern Vespa

It is also a fact that the running cost of a scooter is far lesser than that of a motor car. In today's scenario where the oil prices are going high day after day, there is no better time for a common person to buy a Vespa scooter. The Vespa accessories are also well in demand. You may be remembering the retro style Vespa goggles, which were a very popular style statement of an age. Additionally, interesting variety of Vespa branded clothing as well as riding gears is also difficult to ignore.

The Vespa scooters as a brand, are not just another popular scooter that you ride on, but it is one of the best scooters available ever. Before Yamaha and Honda introduced their petrol saver two-wheelers, Piaggio was solely ruling this domain and was cracking out with Vespa brand vehicles in Italy. The base model small scooters made by Piaggio are of 50cc Mopeds. These models have been designed for everyone including children. If you are in search of a highly petrol-saving road machine, which does not require a full driving license but only CBT training, then the 50 cc version is the perfect choice for you. On the other end, there are some very powerful scooters also from Vespa, such as 200 cc. These can literally fly on the motorway speeds to provide an amazing riding experience and hence, are most suitable for mature youngsters with proper scooter licence.

Popularity of Vespa Scooter

It is an undeniable fact that Vespa is the most popular name in the scooter domain, and you can see them everywhere on town roads, busy city streets, as well as on the village roads. These scooters are deemed to provide a very comfortable riding experience and are most convenient for short road trips. Due to the popularity gained by the unique design of Vespa, many other scooter manufacturers tried their best to mimic the look and feel of this brand. But the fact is that no such imitations can give the perfection and performance that Vespa offers. If you are also looking forward to buying a scooter to enjoy an exciting riding experience on roads, then Vespa for sure is one of the best choices for you. So, pick a Vespa for a joy ride.

Happy and safe riding!
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