What is CBT?

CBT stands for Compulsory Basic Training. Many accidents that happen on the road could have been prevented if drivers strictly followed traffic rules and if they underwent basic training. That is the whole point of CBT Training. So what is CBT? It is a program that is implemented in the United Kingdom and everyone who wishes to ride a motorcycle or a moped is required to go through it.

One would think that CBT is a pointless. After all, you already know how to ride your motorbike. What is a CBT? What's the point of having to go through a program? Actually, it is very helpful for riders to go through it. One would think that you already know everything about road safety when actually, you will find that there is so much more to learn. With a CBT, you are not just taught how to ride, park and stay on your line. The truth is, accidents happen when you least expect it and so you need to know the motorbike maneuvers to keep safe. You need this basic training so that you will automatically react and keep away from danger should an accident happen while you are on the road.

How do we know that CBT works? Well, before it was implemented in the UK about two decades ago, there were many accidents on the road which involved motorcycles. After that (CBT introduction) there was a massive reduction in road accidents involving motorcyclist. It shows that CBT training is a crucial factor for the reduction of road accidents mainly due to drivers who think they already know how to ride but in reality are really inexperienced. They never admit it but drivers who lack riding skills are a threat not only to their own safety but to other people on the road too. With a CBT program, nobody with substandard cbt motorcycle skills will ever be allowed to hit the road.

CBT may take day of your time and it may cost you a little (between 90-140 pounds) but compared to all the benefits that you will get on the road such as reducing your risk of getting into a life threatening accident, then you will agree that it is all worth it.

As the name of the training suggests, CBT is compulsory. Hence, motorcycle riders and owners do not have the option to enroll in the course. They are required. Second, it is a basic training so everything you will learn there is something expected of all motorcycle drivers to know.

The good thing about CBT is that once you have completed it, you can ride without anyone accompanying you on the road for as long as 2 years. After which, you would have to go through the program again to refresh your memory and the whole experience. Of course you have other options which you can do after your 19th birthday and riding motorcycles. One could get over confident and that is why it is always best to go through the course one more time in order to refresh your memory on proper road safety. CBT training is also for people who ride a moped or a scooter. The end goal of this training is one thing - everyone's safety and convenience on the road.

Still don't know what is CBT? Read on...

What does a CBT mean?

It is Compulsory Basic Training for anyone wanting to ride a moped or a motorcycle.

Do you need a CBT?

Literaly everyone who wants to ride a moped or a motorcycle in UK needs to take a CBT course.

How old do you have to be to take a CBT test?

You can take your CBT test from the age of 16 with a provisional licence.

How long is a CBT course?

CBT training course lasts for between 5 and 8 hours depending on CBT centres and ability of trainees.

What is the cost of CBT?

The cost of CBT varies depending on the location of CBT centre and their availability.

Can you take a CBT test if you wear glasses?

As long as you can read a number plate from 21 mitres, you can take your test.

What can you ride with a CBT certificate?

Depending on your age and licence, you could ride a motorcycle up to 125cc engine size.
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