World SuperBike WSB - Donnington Park UK

It's a day of dreams on 22nd of May for World Superbike Fans!

Fans of Superbike in the UK will have a field day to meet their SBK heroes on Donington Park race track this coming May 22 Thursday for the brand new Riders for Health Event.

This is a good chance for fans and enthusiast to get behind the scenes in this great event for SBK and meet and greet past and present Superbike stars around the world. The event will last till the weekend. And the highlight will be on the closing on Sunday May 25. This is scheduled ahead of the British round of the Superbike World Championships to take place in the same circuit.


For people planning to go to the event, admission prices are at £15 per head and will already get you pit lane access and paddock entry. For the price, it sure is a small price to pay to get photographs and sign autographs from your Superbike idols. Get up close and personal with their crew and technicians and get in depth close interview from their team. The race is to follow so you will have a good chance to observe and be in their pits as the team prepares hard for them. There will also be booths and tents from former stars of a Superbike, so if you happen to be an old time fanatic or you want to meet the legends of the sport, they will all be present there.

There is a special limited time and offer to get your hands grit and dirty with 3 times British Superbike Champion and legend Niall Mckenzie, as well as legend Ron Haslam for a paid tuition for half an hour on a Superbike right there on the Donington Park race track. For a ticket price of £95, one can experience riding in and through the world most famous track for Superbike, train and get tips and lessons from the former champions and legends that have won the circuit many times over. This has a limited slot offer and will be held just days before the big event for the world championships.

Former champion Mckenzie said in a press release that he welcomes the opportunity to get back to the community and serving charity that help save lives. The Day of Dreams events has been always special to him as this allows fans to feel and be there before pre-race and know behind the scenes on and off the race track. He has and always be supportive for Ride for Health events and welcomes fans who will be going to the events come May 22.

What's the cause?

The main event of Day of Dreams will include Riders for Health Bidding and Auction sale, where fans and collectors alike will get an opportunity to bid for themselves some unique SBK memorabilia. This will surely be where most fans will go to get their hands on those precious hard to find merchandise.

Money raised from the event will be used to help Health workers in Africa, they will be awarded motorcycles, ambulances and other needs to help and maintain their good service for healthcare for the people of Africa. Surely this is a good cause and one must head straight to the event and participate in any way they can.

Happy and safe riding!
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